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Make-Up Skincare

Korean vibes!🇰🇷 Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Spf42 Review!

Hey y’all!!! I hope you had a great Midsummer! I spent a lot of time in nature and *tried* to relax and recharge for the upcoming adventures of July! 😄 Today I will talk about the super-hyped Korean product we all heard about! Be it on YouTube, Instagram, or your favorite shop online…What is it? …


New from Nyx! Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen is out! (Review)

Hello beautiful people! Today I will talk about the new brow product from Nyx Professional Makeup! I am already a huge fan of Nyx, I use the brand’s foundations and lipsticks, so I had already high hopes because I know the products are amazing! Introduction & Ingredients As you might know, I’m a huge fan …

Make-Up Skincare

How to avoid the pilling of products?

Hello people! Today we will cover an important topic (and problem) in the skincare world. First of all…What is pilling? According to dictionaries, it means “To come off, as in flakes or scales”. It’s usually used for clothes, but it perfectly describes the same happening, so the flaking of product, be it cream, serum, or cotton! And it’s exactly what happens, at …

Make-Up Style

Responsible shopping! Totentanz Store, Second-Hand shops, and Make-up of the day.

Hello beautiful people! Today we have a different kind of post! As you can see from the AMAZEBALLS intro, there’s a photo of me. In this article, I will just highlight some of the products used for this look and make-up, and talk about shopping responsibly! I am a huge fan of second-hand (thrift) shops …


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